Mounting Dew
(Sex Stimulation Spray)
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DIRECTIONS:  There are body oils and there are body oils, but no-one
has ever dared create body oils like Slick Willie’s, “MOUNTING DEW”.
This highly active formula takes sex stimulation to the last level! When
you rub down with MOUNTING DEW your skin literally begins to tingle
once the subtle chemicals activate in this oil. In a manner of mere
seconds millions of atomic bubbles burst all over your skin creating a
micro-massage so erotic that multiple orgasms result in unending
waves. Imagine how it will feel to have a million micro-tongues licking
at you for hours on end. Yummy. MOUNTING DEW not only generates
the greatest erotic sensations you’ll ever feel but it also prolongs the
male’s erection too. Yes men, you will be able to keep it up and
pumping for hours or at least until your testicles seize up. And women,
don’t think that MOUNTING DEW is just for men. Not only will you have
convulsive orgasms for hours, but MOUNTING DEW allows you to go on
long after your man’s nuts have collapsed. You can find any object you
like to satisfy yourself. You can use produce, machinery or tool handles
to pick up the slack. Or better yet, spray the oil inside your vagina and
die blissfully in your orgasmic zeal.
Sale Price:
Active Ingredients: 60% Hard Hard
Water; 30% Hot Balming Agent; 7%
Carbonated Seltzer Water; 2%
Scented Aphrodisiac; 1% Bubble Gum
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Oval Office Novelties, Inc.
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